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They're Here!! They're Here!!!



Late Nights, long days and lots of love debuts today as we unveil our newest category at Macee Leigh!, Planner Accessories!!! 

In May, Tammy and I (and for all of these blogs where I say Tammy and I, I am Dana lol) were privileged to represent Macee Leigh as a host shop for the First Annual Planners Gone Wild International Conference held in New Orleans. What is a planner conference?? Well, think almost 400 fabulous women, leaders in the planner (think calendars such as Erin Condren Life Planner) industry and business women all coming together to share their love for everything planners. When I say everything planners, I mean stickers, washi, charms... if you can decorate a planner, it was there! 

We spent the weekend meeting fabulous women, learning about different planners and building on our shared hobby of planning. But when Planner Accessories meet Macee Leigh, you can be sure that each item has our own unique twist and personality. Much like our Once Wrapped category, Planner Accessories contains many one of a kind bands that cannot be replicated due to their use of mixed media! 

So, join us as we jump for joy in seeing another Macee Leigh dream come true! Planner Accessories



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