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As most people know, Tammy and I decided a few months back to close Macee Leigh LLC to new Specialists while we took some time to work one on one with our current specialists to help them achieve their goals and map their paths with Macee Leigh. That was not an easy decision for us to make, as we are sure it is a difficult decision for any Direct Sales company to make. However, what we found during this time was that we were able to revamp our training, build new kits, introduce new products and actually have the time to, once again, get to know our specialists on a more personal level.

That was always a goal with Macee Leigh, we wanted to know each and every one of our Specialists. We want to know them, not as a number, but as a business woman, a friend, a mother, a daughter, a sister. We want to know what is happening in their lives, how their day is going and what we, as Co-Founders, can do to help them reach their goals with Macee Leigh. And in the last few months, we found that we were able to get back to our roots and our original dreams of what Macee Leigh was about, No Woman Left Behind. What does that mean? It means that we want to create an environment of acceptance, excitement, friendship, empowerment and power for the female entrepreneur while building up other female owned businesses at the same time. 

We actually polled our specialists and asked them what emotion Macee Leigh bring to them. Here are some of their responses; 

Claire's response was Empowerment

Robin's response was Fun

Nayeli's response was Independence

Patience's response was Love 

Sherry's response was Inspiration

Haleigh's response was Love, Excitement, Money, Shopping & Happy

Suzi's response was Love, Family, Sisterly bond, Strong,Supportive, Faith <3 Believe, YUMMYLICIOUS, LICKALICIOUS, Beautiful, Talented, Inspiring, FUN, Kind, Caring. Creative, Courageous!!!

Are you ready to step in at the ground floor and build a business for yourself that will help you not only meet your goals a business woman, but also your goals for personal growth? Do you feel that need to be part of a tribe that supports and cheers on your successes while also circles around you to support you in your daily struggles? If so, mark your calendar because Macee Leigh will begin accepting new specialists on August 1st! We are so excited to meet you!

To ensure your spot is reserved and that you get information first take a moment to fill out our wait list form! Click Here to Fill Out The Wait List Form

Check back daily for more information and sneak peeks of our newest fall kits! 


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