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The Dueling Duo Behind Macee Leigh



Slowly but surely, we are getting our boutique up and running, we are playing with different items to see what fits well, what doesn't. Trust me, we have run into more 'what doesn't work' than 'hey, this is working'. These changes are coming slowly. I woke up a few hours ago with a headache and was putting some thought into what worked, what didn't and why there is the struggle to find that happy spot.. and it dawned on me.

Here's the deal with Macee Leigh. You will see in my writing that I often change from "me" to "we" in the same sentence. Why is that? Because there are two people behind this project. There is Macee, and there is Leigh. We have two very distinct personalities, two very distinct ideas about fashion and one common goal of bringing it all together.

So where did the issue come in? In being two different women, we are very unique in many ways. One of us is urban, one of us is rural. One of us is fit and fashionable, and the other is plus sized and faces problems that the other one doesn't. I, the blogger of Macee Leigh, am the plus sized one. We are looking in two different directions, but are finally starting to come together as one.

We had an interesting conversation the other night when deciding on a clothing purchase. She ran to the tanks and tops, I ran to the pants. I told her that I loved a particular pair of pants, she told me she loved a particular top. She would not wear my pants, I would not wear her top. Why? Well, my pants were curvy, covering, and with the type of material they were made out of, I was confident that I would not suffer from butt gap.

What is Butt Gap? This is something that I think only happens to plus sized girls. You know, you find the perfect pair of pants, and a few things happen as the day goes on. Their is a gap in the waistband. They fit your butt great, but everyone can see your intimates because the waist is too big. Or, and this one just kills me, those perfect pants fit and feel fabulous until you go to the bathroom at work about 2pm and as you are leaving you do the 'butt check' in the mirror (don't even kid yourself, you know you do it) and there is all of this loose fabric right under your butt.. just kind of hanging out, looking droopy, and anxiously awaiting for you to sit down so that it can spread out again. You butt has stretched your pants. It happens. It sucks.

Now her top, it was adorable. Would I wear it? No, why? Because it was a tank, it was high waisted and it was snug fitting. Why would I not wear that? Umm.. well, my arms aren't fit and toned like hers, I can wave goodbye at someone and my arm will jiggle for a month. Snug fitting.. now, let's be honest. All of those shows that say that a plus sized woman needs to wear snug fitting clothes to make her look thin, why is it being told to the plus size women by smaller fit women? (or even men?). Okay, I see what they are saying. Some of these snug fitting clothes are adorable, .. well, when I am standing up. Sit down and the snug top makes me look like I shoved 5 pounds of sausage in a 1 pound casing (I guess you can tell I'm the rural one LOL). So, here we are, looking at each other with our favorite items in hand and not understanding the problem at hand.

We have decided at this point that our boutique will strive to leave no woman behind! I'll find the plus sized fashions, she will find the smaller fashions, and we will both agree on one thing.. accessories! I laid down my pants, she laid down her shirt and we both picked up the one thing that flatters everyone, an infinity scarf. It's easy, it's fast, and it takes the frumpy to fabulous. nautical scarf collage 1

While we work out the clothing kinks, you can bet, no matter how different we are, we will always build each other up, support one another and finally, promise to never fight over the last scarf on the shelf!

Remember, every Sunday Evening, we have awesome Macee Leigh Facebook Parties. This Sunday, the scarf will be one of our showcase items!


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