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Rewarding You and Your Friends!



Each month at Macee Leigh always brings excitement and joy in our headquarters as we are able to watch our plans and dreams come to life. One dream that Tammy and I have had for a while is developing a way to reward our loyal customers and their friends! 

If you've ever received a package from Macee Leigh, you know that each item is lovingly wrapped, and Thank You notes are handwritten. We also include samples and package every order with care and appreciation. We know that in today's busy tech world, you can make your purchases from any number of online shops, so our packaging is one way that we let you know that we really do appreciate your business. We've had customers email us and say that it was like opening a present! We love that, we love that we can make you feel special.... well, because you are special! 

So, this month, we debuted our newest venture in showing you how much we appreciate you; The Macee Leigh Rewards Program. When developing our program, we wanted it to be one that we, Tammy and Dana, would use ourselves. We wanted a program that had attainable goals and fun rewards.We also wanted to make it easy to understand (don't you hate the programs that you have to jump through hoops while balancing a stack of dishes in order to get anything????).

Here is the quick and easy rewards primer:

We give you 10 points for each $1 that you spend with us.

We give you 200 points just for creating your account with us. (No! We never sell or exchange personal info.. EVER!)

When your birthday rolls around, we give you 500 points because It's Your Birthday!!! (and you probably live too far away for us to come to your party)

If you want to follow us on our Instagram account, we will give you another 50 points! (because we like seeing you there!!)

If you share the info about our Rewards Program on Facebook with your friends, we will give you another 50 points! (because we need more friends like you, and we think you must have some pretty awesome friends!)

And if you refer a friend to Macee Leigh, two wonderful things happen! Your friend will receive a coupon for 10% off their initial purchase, and after they make that purchase, we are going to give you another 500 points. (Because you introduced us to your amazing friend!)

What do all these points add up to? Free Products! Exclusive Goodies! Discounts! Love.. no wait, I don't think we can sell love, so we will just give you love!!!

Let's break it down easy, 100 points equals $1. So, if you make a $10 purchase, you are going to get 100 points, which means you save $1 on your next purchase. 

Or, let's say you want to bank your points until your birthday month, because.. you know, you need to treat yourself that entire month!

You complete the following point tasks:

Create an account, 200 points

Follow us on Instagram and share on Facebook, 100 total points

Refer 4 friends who make a purchase, 2000 points

And let's say that throughout the year, you have spent $100 on soap (cause that soap smells like love!) 1000 points. 

Finally, your birthday month rolls around and we gift you 500 points and we sing Happy Birthday to you (yes, we sing in our office!) and you have just banked a total of 3,800 points! What does that mean in the real world? It means $38 to spend anyway that you want!! $38 to treat yourself to your favorite product or to try an exclusive product that only you, a member of the Rewards Program, can get their hands on!

There are no fees, no surveys, no jumping through hoops to join. Just click the little button at the bottom of the screen (to the left, do you see it? It's a black button, yeah.. that one) and start earning your points and rewarding yourself!!

Make sure and click here, right here.. to get a little more information and start rewarding yourself! 


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