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Why Midi Rings are More Tempting than Cinnamon Rolls!



If you were lucky enough to participate in our online Facebook Party earlier tonight, you will have had the pleasure of seeing our Midi Ring Collection Debut! One of the first questions we were asked through messages was, "What the heck is a Midi Ring, and what do I do with it?"

A midi ring is a centuries old fashion statement that keeps coming back again and again! Beginning in the Renaissance period, these tiny rings were worn by nobility and upper class society as a statement piece that alerted everyone to their ranking in the community. The tiny gold bands were worn between the first and second knuckle on the finger of the wearer's choice. Over the centuries, the ring has gone by many names such as Knuckle Rings, Memory Rings and Tea Rings.

But, I digress... this is supposed to be about cinnamon rolls! So, here are the top 10 reasons why Midi rings are more tempting than cinnamon rolls!

10. Easier to carry! If you get tired of wearing them, you can stick them in your pocket (don't try that with a cinnamon roll.. trust me.)

9. Cost Effective! 5 rings for less than $15? Can you beat that Mr. Yummy Smelling Cinnamon Roll Selling Man?

8. Stays on the Fingers, not on the Hips! ('nuff said!)

7. No Guilt! Have 1 or have a dozen, you don't have to answer to anyone!

6. No Sugar Crash! The Rings will not cause you to be falling asleep at your desk 30 minutes after putting them on!

5. Slimming Effect! It has been shown that wearing midi rings elongates your fingers and gives your hands a slimming appearance, can a cinnamon roll slim anything on our bodies?

Ok.. seriously, I was going to do 10, but I ran out of steam at 5!! Midi rings are just plain fun, do we really need a reason besides that? Do we need a reason to give ourselves a little treat? I think not!

So, click the picture, have some fun, enjoy yourself and the new Midi Ring Collection at Macee Leigh!

midi ring collage


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