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Sorry To See You Go... Not Really



I know y'all like to hear a tidbit here and there of the 'behind the scenes' at ML. This was on my mind today...

Seasons change so fast. I've been thinking on this because the heat index is over 100 today, and dang, I'm hot lol. But what makes it even more apparent for me and Tammy is the way we conduct business and planning. 

While some are just settling in and starting to enjoy their summer, she and I work a season ahead at all times. Right now, behind the scenes, think pumpkin smells, Halloween, cool days and crisp nights.. Autumn is in full swing at ML headquarters. So many rich colors, fabulous smells, soft fabrics surround us at every turn. It reminds me of Thanksgiving at my sweet granny's house. She used to tell us a story:

I love you all, you are my kids and my grandkids. I get excited for our holidays together, but I also love when it is over, and I see your taillights going down the road. Sorry to see you go, not really. LOL Granny was a big joker with 8 kids and 20 something grand-kids. She loved us, but she also liked to send us on our way.

So, my tag line for a while as we make some transitions from one season to another, "Sorry to see you go... not really."

Stay tuned.....


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