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Shhh.. Don't wake Tammy!



Shhhhh!!! Don't wake Tammy. She should still be sleeping. As a matter of fact, after all of the hours she has put in this past week for the debut of... (nope, she'll kill me if I tell you) I hope she actually sleeps late this morning. I don't want her to catch me lol

Y'all have been patient and awesome waiting for 8/1 and that surprise that it will bring, so I thought you deserved a little treat. I've opened a section that will ONLY BE OPEN today! It will close SOMETIME this evening. I won't tell you when, because I don't know when. LOL

Saturday steals and deals, some stuff has been marked down, some stuff I think just needs to be showcased for your customer because they are my favsauce. But, if you are too loud and wake up Tammy, she is going to flip her gourd and turn it off!! So.. SHHHHHHHHHHH don't bother her

Just quietly click here to see what amazeballs stuff I added!


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