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Opportunity Night AKA Let's Have Some Fun!!!



What do you normally do on a Monday night after the kiddos are put to bed? How about Jumping on over to our Macee Leigh Opportunity Night to help us celebrate our grand reopening for new Specialists? 

What can you expect?? 

The Feels: We like to share all things Macee Leigh that gives us the feels.. you know, those warm and fuzzies?? Yeah, those!

Fun: Tammy doesn't like it when I toot my own horn, but hey.. I'm funny. I'm going to have you rolling!

Friendship: Who doesn't like to meet new people (you know how we do it today, behind the safety of our computer screens where we can be in our pj's!)

Sneak Peeks: Be the first to learn about our new fall items! (think pumpkin baby.. oh yeah, I went there)

Absolutely NO PRESSURE! This is where we are different from most other companies, we want you to be happy in all things that you do. And if that means joining Macee Leigh then we are ecstatic, or if it means we just get to meet you and get to know you.. that is FABULOUS!!! 

So, what do you have to lose? Ah.. nothing really, all you have to do is Click here.. yep, right here... you know you want to, just do it!


We hope to see you Monday August 1st at 9pm eastern. You bring the chocolate, I'll bring the wine (and coffee, and tea, and anything else caffinated that I can get my hands on!) 


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