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About us


Welcome to Macee Leigh, LLC! We are a small female owned business that began with a fun idea between two dear friends to have an online boutique that catered to all women, regardless of income or body image. Popularity grew and people began asking us if they could sell our products. We decided that we would 'Leave No Woman Behind' and ensure that any woman coming into our boutique would find something for themselves, whether it be a product or the opportunity to begin their own business and join us on this journey.

As Partners, we feel that we have an advantage over many other small businesses. We, while best friends, are different as night and day. One is urban and one is southern, one is petite and one is plus sized. We know that special challenges facing most women and are working day and night to find solutions to those challenges.

Most importantly, in our goal of Leaving No Woman Behind, we search high and low for Female Owned, USA based wholesalers and manufacturers. If you feel that you could benefit from becoming part of the Macee Leigh Family, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@maceeleigh.com 

~Dana and Tammy